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To filter on radicals you must enter their index number, click the tabs below to see how the indexes map out in various scripts. Alternatively you can use our SearchLang substitutions, which substitute some common characters for the transliteration characters used in this site.

ʔ = a b = b t = t ṯ = f g = g ḥ = H ḫ = x d = d
ḏ = j r = r z = z s¹ = c s² = C ṣ = S ḍ = D ṭ = T
ẓ = Z ʕ = A ġ = G f = p q = q k = k l = l m = m
n = n h = h w = w y = y s³ = s

You may optionally enter a comparison operator (<, <=, >, >=, <> or =) at the beginning of each of your search values to specify how the comparison should be done. To filter on more than one index for a radical, separate them with a comma (eg. 0,1,2).

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24q-b-r𐩤𐩨𐩧 buryView
25q-d-s¹𐩤𐩵𐩪 sanctifyView
26q-w-m𐩤𐩥𐩣 riseView
27q-l-l𐩤𐩡𐩡 diminishView
28ṣ-ġ-r𐩮𐩶𐩧 diminishView
29q-ṣ-r𐩤𐩮𐩧 shortView
30q-r-b𐩤𐩧𐩨 nearView
31q-r-ʔ𐩤𐩧𐩱 proclaimView
32r-ḥ-m𐩧𐩢𐩣 mercyView
33r-k-b𐩧𐩫𐩨 rideView

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