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๐ฉผ๐ฉก๐ฉฃMinaicTo cover
yษ™wแนฃลlMehriTo arrive, reach, help, manage to do something
๐ฉ ๐ฉฅ๐ฉฎ๐ฉกSabaicTo arrive at (a place)
๐ช…๐ชŽ๐ชSafaiticTo arrive
ูˆูŽุตูŽู„ูŽArabicTo connect, arrive, join, link, couple, combine
๐ชœ๐ช๐ชƒSafaiticTo oppress, harm, be unjust
๐ชƒ๐ช‡๐ชˆ๐ชšSafaiticFoster child
๐ชš๐ช‡๐ชˆ๐ชˆSafaiticTo bring up, train
๐ช‡๐ชˆSafaiticTo exalt
ืจืื™AramaicTo see
๐ช‡๐ช‘๐ชšSafaiticTo see
abduAkkadianServant, slave (West-Semitic borrowing)
ล›รกtwษ™แธณMehriTo miss, long for
๐ชŠ๐ชƒ๐ช’๐ช‘๐ชSafaiticGod hears
๐ชŠ๐ชƒ๐ช’SafaiticTo hear
๐ช„๐ชƒSafaiticA people (those who rose up as a nation)
๐ช„๐ชƒSafaiticTo stop
ู‚ูŽูŠู‘ูู…ูŒArabicManager, conductor, regulator, superintendant
๐Ž–๐ŽUgariticVoice, shout, cry, roar, thunder
ืงื•ึนืœHebrewVoice, sound, proclamation, thunder
๐ช„๐ชSafaiticTo say, speak
ู‚ูŽุงู„ูŽArabicTo speak, utter, say, pronounce, command
แ‰€แŒธแˆจGe'ezTo enclose (with a wall), blockade, hedge in, surround, delimit, fortify
๐Ž–๐Ž•๐Ž—UgariticTo be short
แธณษ™แนฃรกwrMehriTo fall short, give short measure, shorten prayers (on a journey)
๐ช„๐ชŽ๐ชŽSafaiticTo track
ู‚ูŽุตูŽู‘ูŽArabicTo follow, track, trace
แ‰€แŒธแ‹จGe'ezTo break off, snap off

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