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𐎈𐎌𐎋UgariticTo seize, grasp
حَشَكَArabicTo gather, collect
رَحَىَArabicTo turn, coil, twist
ספקAramaicTo be sufficient, worthy
ריבAramaicTo quarrel, claim, dispute
רוםAramaicTo be high
رَاحَArabicTo be windy, calm, cool
נוחAramaicTo rest
נכרAramaicTo be distinct, other, foreign
הויAramaicTo be, become, happen, exist
גָּמַרHebrewTo come to an end
gamāruAkkadianTo destroy, finish off, end, conclude
ገመረGe'ezTo accomplish, complete, perfect, consummate
גמרAramaicTo complete, fulfil
זרעAramaicTo sow
sūbəḥMehriTo swim
سَبَحَArabicTo swim
sōbəḥMehriTo recite the names of God
ሰብሐGe'ezTo praise, laud, extol, glorify, magnify, honour, sing a hymn
שָׁבַחHebrewTo praise
سَبَّحَArabicTo praise, glorify, magnify, celebrate, laud God
שבחAramaicTo praise
הַסְכֵּתHebrewTo be quiet
עָצַרHebrewTo hold back, restrain, keep firm
غَضَرَArabicTo withhold, prevent
𐎙𐎕𐎗UgariticLimit, border, edge
עלבAramaicTo oppress, surpass, prevail over

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