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ุบูŽู„ูŽุจูŽArabicTo subdue, conquer, overcome, master, surpass
๐ฉด๐ฉธSabaicTo go, pass, pass through, be past, flow
ุฌูŽุงุฒูŽArabicTo pass and leave behind
แŒˆแŠแ‹˜Ge'ezTo shroud, wrap in line, prepare for funeral
ุฌูู†ูŽุงุฒูŽุฉูŒArabicA dead person, corpse
๐ฉด๐ฉฌ๐ฉธ๐ฉฉSabaicFuneral precinct
ุฌู†ุฒArabicTo cover, conceal, hide, veil
๐ฉด๐ฉฌ๐ฉจSabaicTo be beside
ุฌู†ุจArabicTo put aside or far away
๐ฉช๐ฉง๐ฉคSabaicTo steal
๐ฉท๐ฉฅ๐ฉกSabaicTo extend, stretch
ุทูŽุงู„ูŽArabicTo be long, tall, elongated, extended
๐ฉท๐ฉ ๐ฉงSabaicIn a state of ritual purity
แˆฐแ‹ˆแ‰ Ge'ezTo turn around, wrap around
๐ฉป๐ฉฅ๐ฉจSabaicTo repair, reward, recompense (worshipper)
แˆ แˆจแ‰ Ge'ezTo drink, absorb, sip
ุดูŽุฑูุจูŽArabicTo drink
แˆฐแˆแˆจGe'ezTo flourish, be fruitful, abundant, fertile, productive
แˆฐแˆจแ‰€Ge'ezTo steal, rob, plunder
ืชึผึธืžึธืจHebrewA date, datepalm (borrowed from Aramaic)
ืชืžืจืAramaicA date, datepalm
ุซู…ุฑArabicTo ripen, be fruitful, abundant
๐ฉป๐ฉฃ๐ฉงSabaicTo produce crops
ุฑูƒุนArabicTo bow down
karฤAkkadianTo bow down
๐Ž‹๐Ž—๐Ž“UgariticTo prostrate
๐Ž‹๐ŽŽ๐Ž๐ŽšUgariticTo be whole, intact, without defect, perfect
๐Ž‹๐Ž๐ŽUgariticTo be complete, finish
ูƒูŽู„ูŽู‘ArabicTo be whole, complete

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