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Phonemic merger charts
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יוםAramaicDay, time period
ዮምGe'ezToday, this day, nowadays
خَرِيفٌArabicAutumn, year
خَرَفَArabicTo gather, cut, pluck (e.g. fruit)
ḫarāpuAkkadianTo be early
כניAramaicTo name, denote
šabbiṭuAkkadianStaff, sceptre, company of soldiers
𐩨𐩢𐩧SabaicSea, coast, lowland, plain
𐩠𐩨𐩢𐩧SabaicTo dig a well
𐩺𐩨𐩪𐩣SabaicLand (dry land, contrasted with sea)
𐩺𐩨𐩪𐩬QatabanicLand (dry land, contrasted with sea)
𐩺𐩨𐩪𐩣MinaicLand (dry land, contrasted with sea)
𐩺𐩨𐩪SabaicTo dry up
יבשAramaicTo dry up
תמםAramaicTo end, make perfect, complete
לקטAramaicTo gather, pluck, hold, collect
kabāluAkkadianTo constrict, immobilise, hinder, obstruct
כבלAramaicTo tie up, fetter
לאיAramaicTo toil, tire
ܦܘܚSyriacTo blow, exude a fragrance, erupt
דבקAramaicTo stick, adhere, attach to
dabāquAkkadianTo adhere, cling, stick, join
sumāmītuAkkadiana poisonous matter
səmMehriTo poison
סםAramaicPoison, medicine, colour, pigment
ܣܡܡSyriacTo poison
سَمََّArabicTo poison

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