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𐪊𐪐𐪇SafaiticTo write
𐪅𐪁𐪕SafaiticTo give birth
𐩥𐩲𐩡SabaicMountain goat, ibex
𐩥𐩳𐩱SabaicTo come out, go out, issue
𐩥𐩧𐩤SabaicVegetation, crops (greenery?), Gold coin
አውሰበGe'ezTo take a wife, marry (settle down?)
ወርኀGe'ezMoon, month
𐎊𐎗𐎃UgariticMoon, month
כתרAramaicTo remain
ገሰሰGe'ezTo touch, feel, handle
גָּשַׁשׁHebrewTo feel, seek, grope
גששAramaicTo make contact, touch, feel, explore, spy out
جَسََّArabicTo touch, feel, examine, scrutinise, investigate, explore, enquire into, look intently at
יסףAramaicTo add
𐩥𐩯𐩰SabaicTo increase, multiply, add members to a social group
ḫarāšuAkkadianTo be silent, mute, dumb
𐪗𐪀𐪇SafaiticTo be purified
חזיAramaicTo see
ፀፈረGe'ezTo plait, braid, drape, weave, intertwine, interlace, twist, entangle, plot, intrigue, subvert
źəfūrMehriTo plait (hair)
ضَفَرَArabicTo plait, braid, interweave
źáybəṭMehriTo hold, take
bəhēlMehriTo be cooked, baked, ready
زَعِيمٌArabicResponsible, answerable, amenable, surety, guarantee, chief, lord, master, prince, spokesman
زَعَمَArabicTo say, state, assert, maintain, pretend, believe
𐪘𐪒𐪃SafaiticChief, spokesman

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