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𐎋𐎁𐎄UgariticThe liver, innards, mind
كَبِدArabicThe liver
كَبِدَArabicTo be big, large, in the middle
خيّمArabicTo remain, stay, dwell, abode, pitch a tent
𐎃𐎊𐎎UgariticA canopy, tent, hut, cabin
paṭāruAkkadianTo open, loosen, break, untie
פֶּטֶרHebrewTo be firstborn, fissure, cleave
َفَطَرArabicTo create, originate, make burst forth, cleave
𐎑𐎎𐎀UgariticTo be thirsty.
צָמֵאHebrewTo be thirsty.
ṣamûAkkadianTo be thirsty.
ḫalāṣuAkkadianTo comb, filter, distil
ḫaṭûAkkadianTo harm, wrong, sin, violate.
diānuAkkadianTo sentence, judge.
mâtuAkkadianTo die.
malākuAkkadianTo discuss, advise, look after, mind.
נביAramaicTo predict, prophesy
𐩺𐩣𐩡𐩫QatabanicTo rule, reign
مخضArabicTo churn
𐎎𐎃𐎕UgariticTo dig, hew out
maḫāṣuAkkadianTo beat, strike, wound
𐩣𐩭𐩳QatabanicTo dig, hew out
𐩡𐩣𐩢QatabanicTo spy, look at secretly
لمحArabicTo spy, catch a glance of
𐩡𐩸𐩣QatabanicTo enjoin, require
لزمArabicTo enjoin, require, obligate, necessitate
karābuAkkadianTo pray, bless
𐩩𐩫𐩧𐩨𐩪QatabanicTo dedicate, set apart

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